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DBR9 - The Definitive History is the title of my first book. It is on sale through the publishing company of my co-author Thomas Gruber on www.tag-books.com . A 3D model of Aston Martin's DBR9 GT1 race car has been built just for this book. This resulted in stunning renderings on acetate see-through pages that let the reader "undress" the racecar by taking off the bodywork - taking off the aluminium chassis and so forth.



After studying mechanical engineering, camera engineering and visual communication I graduated in the later. Back in the 90ies ...


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Christoph Mäder

Back in the nineties... I scribbled paint schemes of cars in the back of my school booklets. My career aspiration was set early. 1989, I was a teenager and zapped through the channels. Italy, Imola Formula One Grand Prix, Nigel Mansell spun at around 200 km/h across the grass and didn't lift. I was amazed and stuck to watch the rest of the race on Eurosport.

I was sixteen and my vision for my future job was clear! Formula One. The profession didn't matter, I just wanted to be part of that circus that travelled all continents. Engineer, designer, photographer whatever - I knew where to go.

A decade later I was payed for designing paint schemes for race cars. Inbetween I studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen, photographic engineering in Cologne and graduated in visual communications in Aachen.
My career brought me to the Middle East, China, Indianapolis, Le Mans, the majority of the European circuits and even into Ceausescu's palace in Bucharest. I have managed teams to titles, developed corporate designs, brought them to life and had a lot of fun while doing so.